New artist space in Denver accepting members!


Institute for Art and Life


Image from Processus’ Facebook page. Click image to visit the space on Facebook.


“Processus [prɔsesys]: French word for process, evolution; a group of actions with a common goal; a series of events or a succession of methods. Processus also relates to Process Art, an artistic movement where the end product is not the principal focus. This multi-use space is inspired by our art philosophies and by our way of life. Driven by process and ideas, our works reflect timeless actions and methods as we often go back to the basics. For years, we have dreamed about a place to work, a place to meet new people and share important ideas. We envision a place where the artist community will share processes and ideas, a place to experiment and discover new things, a place that focuses on experience and chance encounters.

This came from the need of a simple space where individual artists, designers and community members can make objects and learn new things regardless of their abilities or background. The focus of the workspace will be on handmade objects and works on paper. It will include a shop, a clean room and a darkroom. It will also provide tools, assistance and advice for artists to make what they need to professionally display their works. It will be a place for people to discuss ideas, and experiment with materials. Creative individuals and community members will learn from each other, blurring the boundaries between art and life.

As part of the project, a small café will offer a space for people to think and share ideas. The café will focus on locally grown simple foods and vegan treats. Regular offerings of art displays, talks, pop up events, etc… will start after the workspaces are open. The café will be open to the public while the workspace will be open to members only.”

Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, artists and co-founders


Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, have lived and worked together for over 12 years. They are both respected artists and art professionals in Colorado and beyond. They bring the expertise of all aspects of art, community and life together. Christopher R. Perez is a photographer with outstanding experience in both contemporary and alternative photographic processes. He also has over 20 years of experience in art handling, framing, crate building, and wood fabrication.

Viviane Le Courtois is a conceptual and process based artist working primarily with installation, performance, sculpture, ceramic and printmaking. Most of her work over the last 25 years has linked art, life and people. As an educator, curator and organizer of participatory projects, she will give direction to the space.

They love making objects, growing or transforming things, cooking, walking, traveling, bringing people together and making them think.

For more information about the founders visit: and


The entire space is approximately 2,000 square feet and is conveniently located in the Temple at 2400 Curtis in the RiNo Art District, just north of downtown Denver. The space will be renovated as soon as we get enough members to sign up. The second floor has already been renovated as studio spaces for artists.

Your membership will give you access to:

-A fully equipped woodshop

-A fully equipped darkroom

-A clean space to works on photos, digital negatives and works on paper.

-Space for fabrication and sculptural projects.

-Additional elements may be added depending of members’ wishes such as a kiln, a

space for small metal projects, and an etching press.

-As a regular member you will get discounts on workshops, technical or conceptual

assistance and other events (additional fees apply).

-You will also become a part of the community of artists, community members and guest

artists using the facility.

Membership fees:

Individual and couple memberships:

-Commit to 1 year: $ 100/person/month (Maximum use: 40 hours/month)

-Commit to 6 months: $ 125/person/month (Maximum use: 40 hours/month)

-Couple Membership (1 year commitment): $150/couple/month (Maximum use: 60

hours/month combined)

-Punch card: $ 200 good for 20 hours of work in any area. (Expires after 6 months)

-Have your projects fabricated, framed or printed: contact us for quotes on individual

design and service fees.

-Additional time can be discussed.

Group memberships:

-5 persons maximum: $ 375/month (each person using the facility must have a safety

training to start) (150 hours combined time maximum)

-10 people maximum: $ 750/month (each person using the facility must have a safety

training to start) (300 hours combined time maximum)

-20 people maximum: $ 1500/month (each person using the facility must have a safety

training to start) (600 combined time maximum)

Required safety and orientation training: $40 per person.

Hours will be by appointment. An online system will be created to book time so that the shop or darkroom space will be available when you show up.

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