A fishy engagement…caught with a Fuji X-T1

Englewood Camera customer Doug Garvey decided to invest in the Fujifilm X-Series system back in June 2014. As an avid fly fisher, and travel/class coordinator for Anglers All, Doug needed a camera that is lightweight, high quality, and weather proof for his fishing excursions, so he snagged an X-T1 and a few lenses to document nature and his passion for fishing. His new found love for photography, combined with his love of fishing, sparked a proposal idea. Doug’s girlfriend, Corrine, had been interested in a fly rod to use as decor in their apartment, so he set to work over this past summer to create the perfect fly rod to use in his marriage proposal, and decided to document the entire moment with his Fuji X-T1.


The plan began to hatch this summer; through his Anglers All connections, Doug ordered a fly rod with a custom inscription on the handle, and with a custom designed sea-foam green reel (her favorite color). He brought the custom-designed rod–for those of you interested in fishing, it’s a Boron 3X 9’5 by Winston–along with him as a surprise for Corrine. The reel had their names inscribed on it, and the handle carried the question Corrine…Will you marry me? Doug chatted with Bryce (our fearless leader and also an avid fisher) for advice on capturing images throughout the entire proposal. In September, Doug and Corrine headed to Basalt to have a great day of fishing; Corrine had no idea what was coming!

Doug sent Corrine to the river to start casting her reel, telling her he wanted to make some photographs. This came as no surprise, as Doug always has his X-T1 with him! Doug set up his tripod, and created an interval timer to shoot one exposure per second for six minutes, guaranteeing a series of perfect shots to document the moment ahead. Playing with the exposure, he made sure to focus specifically on the rocks at the river’s edge, and set his aperture to f/8 for maximum depth of field. Grabbing the new fly rod for Corrine, Doug headed down to the river, calling her in to give her a present. As you can see from the following photos, Corrine was totally surprised–and thrilled–at the gift of a new fly rod.


Doug told Corrine to inspect the reel of the fly rod, and as she did, he got down on one knee with an engagement ring, telling her next to read the inscription on the handle. Immediately the waterworks started–but of course, this lucky lady said yes! The entire plan went off without a hitch, and Corrine didn’t suspect a thing.



Needless to say, not much fishing or photography took place the rest of that day! Corrine had some phone calls to make to spread the good news, and the couple spent the rest of the day celebrating together.


From all of us at Englewood Camera, we wish Doug and Corrine nothing but the best and a life full of happiness! They plan to tie the knot next September. We wonder, though, if Doug will use his X-T1 and interval shooting to shoot his own wedding, too? That answer remains to be seen…

untitled-3731 untitled-3759 untitled-3772

Here are some close-ups of the fly rod and reel:

untitled-3724 untitled-3725

Thanks to Doug for providing the photos and this very romantic story! We think he’s a pretty genius (and romantic) guy for deciding to use photography to preserve such a wonderful memory.

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2 thoughts on “A fishy engagement…caught with a Fuji X-T1”

  1. I love this story, what a great job you did writing it! Doug did a fabulous and romantic job proposing but I have to take a little credit because Doug is my son! I love him dearly and I am so very happy that he is happy and automatically because of that, I love Corrine too! A feel good story! Thank you!


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