Fuji Instax Share Printer SP-1

With innovative new products, there’s an instant film revolution happening all across the country! Englewood Camera carries instant film products from both Fujifilm and Impossible Project, including cameras and film. However, Fujifilm recently developed the Instax Share SP-1 printer–a very cool, very compact device that prints instant photos on Mini Instax film–directly from your WiFi enabled tablet or phone! We decided to test drive the printer and show you fun examples of how it works!


Here’s what we found:

The size of the Instax Share printer is ideal for all types of events; measuring 4″ x 1.65″ x 4.8″, and weighing only 1/2lb (without the film pack or batteries), this portable printer can be taken virtually anywhere! It runs off of 2x CR2 batteries, or an optional AC power adapter can be plugged in for longer usage. Printable image size on Instax Mini is 62mm x 46mm, which is perfect for wallet-sized photos. There are virtually no limits to the application of Instax Mini prints, as we’ll discuss in more detail. The printer has green LED lights to show the battery life and number of prints left in the print pack; when connected to your device, the printer will light up as well.

The Instax Share runs from a mobile app, downloadable at the App Store or Google Play for free. The App is simple to use; simply connect your device to the Instax’s WiFi network, and choose from your saved photos to print, open images from Facebook and Instagram, or capture a photo within the app! You can print in color, black and white, or sepia out of the app. Text boxes can also be conveniently added to the image, as well as backgrounds and fun holiday tags or time stamps. There are plenty of other photography-driven applications you can use to edit the photo prior to printing; check out Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Pro Camera 7, Photogene, and others. Here’s a screen shot of the first page of the app:


And a few options available for customizing the image:

Instax-Filter-Options Instax-Text-Options

Once you’ve selected your changes and edits, it’s easy to send to the printer. Make sure the printer is turned on, click the print button. After about 15 seconds, your print will pop out the printer!



Instax Mini film is sold as a single pack (10 shots) or a twin pack (20 shots). Each cartridge has 10 shots per use. In addition to plain white frames, Fuji Mini Instax is available in patterned frames, Holiday-themed frames, and more. From playing around with the Instax Share SP-1, we’ve determined that there are a lot of great applications for these prints!

  • Weddings or other events: set an Instax SP-1 (or several) around the venue for guests to use! For professional photographers using photobooths, these prints are a great instant way to attract clients!
  • Icebreaker for street photography or photographing strangers (especially abroad!)
  • Reunions and group events
  • Promotional purposes for business–think of it as a trendy, unique business card!
  • Promotional purposes for portrait photographers–give your clients a teaser on location or at the studio well before you edit their images!

Watch this cute little video of an Instax picture developing!

Instax Share SP-1 printers are currently available for preorder; please give us a call or stop in to add your name to our preorder list. We also have a great selection of Mini cameras available, in stock today.




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