Love Day Through The Lens

Hello! I’m Kyle and I’ve worked at Englewood Camera for about 4 and a half months. What an introduction right? I told Erin that I wanted to create a Valentines Day post for the blog because I’m so romantic and all that gushy stuff. So, I’ve compiled a short list of places in or around Denver you should probably take the significant-other/photographer friend in your life tomorrow. There is nothing more romantic than a photo-inspired date!

Now I’ve only lived in the wonderful city for 6 months so I may be missing THE BEST PLACE, so let me hear it if I do. (Comment on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or right here on this blog post.)

The Denver Aquarium

Photo by Scott Buchholz
Photo by Scott Buchholz

Did you know that otters hold hands when they sleep, and that clown fish love Sea Anemones and often hide in their tentacles from predators. Cleaner shrimp will clean the teeth of eels. And Sea Horse father’s carry their children…that’s romantic. And you can watch REAL mermaids swimming with the fish. Mermaids are romantic…just don’t try to date one. What’s more romantic than taking pictures or romantic sea creatures, not much. Leave the flash at home, bump up that ISO and go get em.’

Wash Park

Everything about Washington Park says, “This is a romantic place.” Everything but the barking dogs, goose poop, mothers pushing their sextuplets, you get the picture. Taking a long walk through Wash Park on what is supposed to be a sunny day dedicated to love could be very romantic though. Get up early, catch the good light and take a stroll. I also suggest you head over to Wash Perk, or to South Pearl St and grab a coffee at Stella’s or Steam, take a picture of it, transfer it to your smart phone through your cameras Wi-Fi and post that thing on Instagram, because that’s what I would do. Don’t have a camera with Wi-Fi? We can help supply you with an Eye-Fi memory card!


Union Station

I’ve heard rumor of the folks over at Union Station being pretty difficult when it comes to photographers. With that being said, always be kind to security or anyone that questions what you’re doing while out taking photos and try not to ruin it for everyone else. Wear red when you go to Union Station. The lighting inside is pretty dope and red combined with the old school/modern feel of the inside could be a win (plus it’s Valentine’s Day!). Don’t forget to go outside as well. The architecture is beautiful and a long exposure of the light rail with your smokin’ hot significant-other/photog friend will look awesome.


Anywhere With Beer or an Old Fashioned

I thought this was pretty obvious as we are in Colorado, home of the best craft beer in the world. It’s up to you to find where you consume the deliciousness but I’ll give you a hint…for a strong drink head to the Highlands and it rhymes with finger…I’m trying to be partial here, people. Denver Beer Co. has a sweet patio and Our Mutual Friend has some great beer and a cool looking interior. Beer is one of my favorite subjects to photograph because it doesn’t want to see the photo after you take it, it doesn’t move very fast, it comes in different colors and after you’re done taking its picture it gets you drunk! Bring a fast lens and work that depth of field like non-ones business. You should probably post your beer photo to Instagram.


Shoot Anything With Film, Anywhere

Nothing says romance like waiting. I’m a millennial, I like instant gratification, but everyone knows that love is patient–and the same concept applies to film. Was that a stretch? We’ve got a load of film here at the camera store and some sweet looking film cameras for you to snag (and they’re cheap). Take your significant photog out to any of the locations above and take pictures of them using film. You won’t know what it looks like for at least a day and if you don’t change your ISO every shot (like yours truly did on his first venture into film…) you might have some great memories. Nothing beats the color that well-shot film produces…and black and white, contrasty pictures could really set the mood…a few days later. My recommendations? Shoot some Ilford Delta black and white film for incredible fine grain and amazing tones.

Portrait Photography | Erin Brinkley Photography

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Kyle, what will you be doing this Valentines Day?” How nice. I’ll let you know that Bryce has kindly given me the day off to be extremely single. I can guarantee at least one Instagram post of beer and coffee.

I bet you I missed your favorite spot to take photos so let’s do the readers a favor and post your romantic photo spots in a comment below. Thanks for reading, Coopah out!

Kyle Cooper is a self-proclaimed social media fanatic,  enjoys posting photographs to Instagram, drinking a nice craft brew, playing with his boxer Jeffrey and sipping on lattes. He is the eligible bachelor of Englewood Camera, and loves exploring new areas of Denver and Colorado in general. Kyle photographs with a Sony A7s, Nikon D5200, and a plethora of film cameras.


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Broadcast, Public Relations, Advertising. I enjoy taking photos, discovering new music, supporting the local scene and wrestling my dog.

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