Halloween Photo Contest!

It’s that time of year! Break out the face paint, masks, capes, or whatever tickles your fancy….Halloween is coming! To celebrate one of our favorite holidays–probably because it’s the one day our employees can break dress code–Englewood Camera is having a fun, social-media inspired contest. On Saturday, October 31st, share your best costume pictures with us via Instagram (you must tag @englewoodcamera), Twitter (tweet @englewoodcamera), and on our Facebook page (facebook.com/englewoodcamera). You may submit photos of yourself, your wife, your kid, your dog, your turtle, your grandpa…you get the picture (see what we did there?!).

To get you all pumped for a fun-filled Halloween, here is a picture of Erin’s unipig!


We have three categories to submit to:

  1. Cutest Halloween costume
  2. Scariest Halloween costume
  3. Most photo-related Halloween costume

We want to see how creative our fans and customers are this weekend–so share your pics for a chance to win a $25 Englewood Camera giftcard!

Contest Rules

Photographs submitted to our Halloween Photo Contest must be family friendly–no nudity, no obscenity–keep it clean, please! If you are not the subject of your photo, please make sure you have permission from the subject before sharing the image with us. All submissions must be from our Colorado-based fans & followers to be considered as a winner. Only submissions posted on Halloween (Saturday, October 31) will be considered. Submissions on Instagram must tag @englewoodcamera; tweets must be directly at @englewoodcamera; and Facebook posts must be posted to our wall and not sent in a message. You must be a fan or follower of at least one of our social media accounts. Let us know in your post, either by comment, caption, or hashtag, which category you are submitting to. One submission per category per person, please–and that’s it! The three winners will be announced on Monday, November 2nd.


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