Small Business Saturday – Shop Small with us!


It’s the time of year where, just after our favorite Turkey-induced-coma holiday, shopping madness revs up for the holidays. A few years ago, American Express put together a promotion for its customers to support local businesses–and the promo became a tradition. Instead of heading to the local mall, or feeling your brain go numb at the computer screen, join Englewood Camera for a fun, personalized shopping experience! Whether you join us on Saturday or not, please come on by this holiday season to take care of the photographers in your life!

And, as if you need more reasons to support our local, small business, here are some reasons to shop small:

  • Personalized service from knowledgeable staff. Most of our employees are working photographers!


  • Your sales tax helps support the community–from roads to education, shopping small is beneficial to keeping your community thriving!
  • Pricing on items in the store are actually set by vendors–not by us–so we sell our cameras and lenses, and many other products, for the same prices as online retailers!
  • We may not have the quantity of inventory–but we sure do offer a great, unique selection that you just can’t find at big retailers! From used equipment to hand-crafted accessories, we have a diverse inventory selection!

Bloodwood soft release button with bloodwood hotshoe cover on Fujifilm X-T2

  •  We mail cool Christmas cards to our customers every year, just as a thank you for the support! Many of you tell us it’s one of the highlights of the holidays for you–and don’t you worry, we’ll keep ’em coming!


  • We have a shop dog named Bogey that hangs out half of the week. Yeah, we’re cool. And pet-friendly.


So, please, this weekend: consider stopping by to #shopsmall with us. Much love!


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A family owned business for over 60 years, Englewood Camera can assist anyone from beginners to professionals with their photographic needs . Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with Everything Photographic!

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