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Hey everyone!

We just wanted to update everyone on the upcoming week and what you could call a “soft opening” that we’re planning on having. Starting Monday our hours will be as follows:


Monday: 9-3pm
Wednesday: 9-3pm
Friday: 9-3pm
Saturday: 9-3pm

Film drop off turn around time varies right now but expect about a week turn around as there’s been a huge influx in film drop off.

Special orders may take a while to come in. Don’t hesitate to ask about special orders though!

Rentals are now available. Drop off or pick up is unavailable Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We look forward to seeing some familiar faces. To stay healthy we’ll be taking the following steps:

– Face covering will be mandatory when entering the store.

– Maintain a safe distance away from your fellow customers if there is a line and our employees while you are being helped. Social distancing markers have been laid out outside the shop.

– To minimize traffic in the store we’re currently using a curbside pick up for most sales. (This might change as our employees get a hang of how things will work.)

– We are disinfecting surfaces, door handles, cameras, credit card machines (every time it is used) and other gear multiple times a day.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Appointments can guarantee you get the time you need with one of our employees. Visit this link to sign up for an appointment: https://signup.com/go/LkiGZVQ Please only sign up for one appointment to ensure everyone has a fair chance.

We look forward to helping you all and ask that you are patient as we get back up and running. – EC Staff

Contact us at Staff@englewoodcamera.com

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