Student Supplies for Analog and Darkroom Photography Classes

Englewood Camera is the one-stop shop for photography students! Not only do we take care of students with a used 35mm SLR, we warranty our used film cameras for 6-months and will buy the camera back at the end of the semester. Popular models for students include Pentax K1000, Pentax ME Super, Nikon FE, Nikon FM, Minolta X-700, Canon A-1, and Canon A-E1 Program cameras. For more advanced students: check out our great selection of medium format cameras, from such brands as Hasseblad, Mamiya, Pentax and Rolleiflex.

Pentax K1000 Student Camera

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Almost 38 years later, a Fujica comes back to us

Englewood Camera was located in Englewood (big surprise!) for a long time before we located to our Littleton store in the 1980’s. Every once in a while, we stumble across interesting pieces from our past; old mailing labels, old film order envelopes, or customers bringing in gear they purchased. This week, we had a customer bring in a Fujica ST801 single-lens reflex camera with a 50mm f/1.4, original boxes, and…an original sales receipt dated 6/28/1977. After nearly 38 years, this camera came back for resale, and in mint condition! Check out the picture below–the complete set, with Englewood Camera receipt! Pretty cool used purchase this week–it can be yours for $150!

Fujica ST801


Fuji Instax Share Printer SP-1

With innovative new products, there’s an instant film revolution happening all across the country! Englewood Camera carries instant film products from both Fujifilm and Impossible Project, including cameras and film. However, Fujifilm recently developed the Instax Share SP-1 printer–a very cool, very compact device that prints instant photos on Mini Instax film–directly from your WiFi enabled tablet or phone! We decided to test drive the printer and show you fun examples of how it works!


Here’s what we found:

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Throwback Thursday: cool finds at the store

Englewood Camera has lots of cool old stuff. Have you ever been invited to our back room? Not for the faint of heart, our back room offers a plethora of odds and ends, and we have many a buyer wanting to explore the depths of miscellaneous camera goodies!

One of our latest finds belongs to a Minolta-16 MG- a very cool sub-miniature camera that launched in 1966. This camera shoots with 16mm film, offering a frame size of 10x14mm! While this kit is no longer in our possession (sniff), we managed to snag some shots of the cool paper goodies included with it from 1971.


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New product announcements from Leica Camera

Leica Camera announced a wide variety of new products this morning, including cameras, lenses, accessories, and firmware updates to existing products. An improved portfolio of M-mount lenses was announced this morning, including three newly designed Summarit lenses and one Noctilux; the Leica M camera system has a few newly added bodies; the Leica T system has two new zoom lenses; and Leica also announced new compact camera models, among other announcements.

emo_Leica M-A_black

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Brand new used gear on the shelf!

Grab this gear while it’s hot! Englewood Camera just brought in some great used analog equipment (pictured below) at great prices! Film lovers, these cameras and lenses will not last long…come check them out today! Also, check out our great selection of Canon and Nikon used full-frame camera bodies in stock.

Remember that, at Englewood Camera, we stand behind our used cameras and used lenses. All used gear comes with a 6-month warranty, and you can buy with confidence knowing we’ve tested and checked all of the incoming equipment for good working order.

On the shelf:


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Student cameras now available

Are you starting a photography class in the darkroom this fall? Check out our great selection of used 35mm SLR cameras–perfectly suited for students starting class! Our cameras come with a 50mm lens (or similar) and are thoroughly inspected prior to your purchase. With your purchase of a 35mm SLR, Englewood Camera offers the following perks, so you can shop with confidence:

  • 6-month warranty
  • Buy back program at the end of the semester
  • Free roll of film with purchase
  • Enrollment in our VIP photofinishing club (save money on developing + printing!)
  • 10% student discount on film, darkroom paper, and other darkroom supplies


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Impossible Project Film + Cameras

Englewood Camera is currently one of the few places you can purchase Impossible Project film and cameras in the Denver Metro area. Check out our great selection of Impossible Type 600 and Impossible Type SX-70 instant films. Don’t have a Polaroid camera to use? We have refurbished cameras available for your instant film needs! Snag a Polaroid One-Step Close Up camera, or a Sun 600 today–all refurbs come complete with 2 packs of Impossible film, so you can start shooting immediately! Check out a ton of awesome sample photos in the store while you’re here. You’ll be in love with film all over again!

Film SX-70 CLR front stehend

Film 600 B&W Black front stehend